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People Are Relating To This Hilarious Mom-Daughter Conversation About Their Cat

"She IS A CAT."

This is 20-year-old Jenny Katz from Burbank, California. Jenny told BuzzFeed News she has a 17-year-old cat named Coco who's always been "treated like royalty" by her family, especially her mom.

Apparently, for the past year, Jenny's mom, Debbie, has been feeding Coco vanilla ice cream as a special ~nightcap~ treat.

Dreyer's brand of French vanilla ice cream, to be exact.

Jenny said it's become her mom and her cat's "nightly routine," and that Coco "LOVES it."

So one night, when Debbie discovered the ice cream was missing, she texted her daughter with a very urgent tone.

Jenny responded, and reiterated, to her mom that their cat is just a cat.

To which her mom responded with a photo of Coco, and the caption, "Where's my French vanilla?"

Jenny says she and her mom have a very jocular relationship, but this was next level. So she shared the conversation with her friends on Twitter, where it quickly blew up.

People are relating so hard to both Jenny and her mom.

Jenny says she and her mom have a great relationship, and this newfound fame on social media is just another thing they're laughing over.

"If you could hear us speak out those texts, you'd probably laugh even harder," she said. "I knew my friends on Twitter would think it was funny but when I woke up the next morning, it had over 2,000 likes!"

Her tweet now has over 9,000 retweets and 16,000 likes.

Jenny also wanted to address the handful of people criticizing her for using the F-word with her mom in the texts.

"It was not directed towards her to be rude to her. When we mess around, we both know it's all said with love and kindness," she stressed.

Jenny plans to buy her mom and Coco a carton of replacement ice cream.