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This Super Jumpy, Very Excited Dog Up For Adoption Will Melt Your Heart

Meet Sadie, Edmonton's easily excitable hound.

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The Humane Society in Edmonton, Alberta, routinely posts pups and other animals to its Instagram account in hopes of attracting them a new home. For example, here's Lexx.

And here's why. (Warning: It's achingly cute.)

Meet Sadie, an "energetic girl" who is "jumping for joy at the thought of finding her forever home soon," the caption reads.

A director for the Edmonton Humane Society tells BuzzFeed that the video is "pure comedy", and that Sadie has a huge heart, but just hasn't quite mastered "how to express her love" calmly.

Edmonton Humane Society

"[That] sign on her kennel is the most accurate sign in the history of dogs," joked Travis Grant, the director for advancement and social enterprises at the Humane Society. "When she gets excited (usually when she first meets you), she lets you know it by jumping on you, licking, pawing, and frantically wagging her tail."

But he also wants people to know that Sadie has her calm moments too: "Sadie loves puzzles that keep her mind busy. All of that brain work will make her sleepy, and when she’s done playing, she’ll lie down and nod off."

Sadie was recently found as a stray out in the cold Edmonton climates, but she's been able to warm up and socialize with the other dogs, said Travis.