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    This Adorable Video Of A Little Girl Grooming A Chicken Has Gone Hugely Viral

    As cluck would have it.

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    In all honesty, this is simply a video of a little girl in Brazil grooming and pampering her pet chicken. But for a myriad of good internet reasons, it's the best thing you'll see all day.

    Facebook: video.php

    The original video, posted by the chicken's owner from São Paulo, has nearly 6 million views, and other outlets who have re-uploaded it, have garnered nearly 15 million views.

    Facebook: LaBioguia

    With subsequent hundreds-of-thousands of shares on Facebook.

    The famed band member of the Ramones, C.J. Ramone, has even seen it.

    And commented "I LOVE IT."

    Flavia Leão told BuzzFeed she's a full-time relationship coach who also owns a farm of animals. She captured her 5-year-old daughter giving one of their chickens a pretend makeover one day after it rained.

    Facebook: video.php

    Leão told BuzzFeed the animals on their farm are all treated like family members — particularly by the kids.

    "My animals are all treated like sons," she said (translated from Portuguese). She adds that the chickens are receptive and "meek."

    In the video, Leão's daughter is combing the chicken's hair because — as she's heard saying to the chicken — "you already got a shower!" from the rain.

    And ponders if she should give the chicken another shower, but that would be ludicrous.

    Leão says she's astonished how this video has gone so quickly and hugely viral. Because this kind of friendship and care the family gives to their farm animals is completely normal for them.

    Facebook: video.php

    "I just can't believe it yet," she said of the video's success. "We go to the farm every weekend, and every animal has a name. That's normal for me!"

    People in the comments are sharing their own stories of having a chicken as a pet. This person says their chicken was so nice it was like having a puppy:

    And this person shared a story from childhood where they nursed their chicken back to health:

    Leão is still acclimating to this new, random attention, but she's grateful for all of the inspired responses, and has even sent C.J. Ramone a thank-you message, and an invite to Brazil 😊.

    Flavia Leão
    Flavia Leão

    IMPORTANT UPDATE — Our chicken-friend, Mango, is expected to have chicken-babies soon.

    "Little Mango (Manguinha) is gonna be a mom next Sunday!" Leão writes.

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