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This Woman's Hilarious Horse Haikus Were Selected For Her University's Esteemed Journal

U of T's literary journal will publish Danica's poetry, titled "Horses Are the Frat Boys of Farm Animals."

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Danica is a 20-year-old from Ottawa, Ontario, currently attending the University of Toronto. She's also a talented artist and writer, and chose to include a doodle of herself in lieu of a photo.

More pertinent, though, Danica told BuzzFeed News she has a real beef with horses. "All my experiences with horses have been bad ones," she said.


Danica recalled a few instances when she was scratched up by branches or fell off of a horse while riding.

"I'm pretty convinced that horses have something against me because the only thing a horse has ever done to me is hurt me," she said.

Danica wants to make it clear that she's not afraid of horses, "I just want to fight them," she joked, adding that she'd never actually fight a horse "because animal cruelty is wrong."

Anyway. This all culminated into a series of haikus she wrote about her disdain of horses that she actually submitted to the University College at U of T's official literary and visual arts journal, The UC Review. She entitled the haikus "Horses Are the Frat Boys of Farm Animals."

Danica said she usually writes fiction, but chose haikus as her medium because "they're easier to work with."

"They're also short, which was good because I could just get straight to the point," she added.

Danica also submitted a series of 10 similar photos of a banana peel, which she called "Banana Peels of Toronto."

Danica S.

If you're curious about the rest of the Banana Peel photo series, you can check them out here.


And shockingly to Danica, last week she received an official letter from the literary journal that "after long consideration," both her horse haikus and a banana peel photo were selected into the publication's winter edition.

She said she "laughed for a good five minutes" when she saw the email in her inbox. But it was no fluke. The journal's editor-in-chief, Albert Hoang, told BuzzFeed News the team was "shocked" to receive such an entry, but ultimately found her horse haikus "hilarious" and "refreshing."

Albert Hoang

"You don't see people submitting humour very much, and these were refreshing and distinct from a lot of works we received," Hoang said.

He also mentioned that the selection staff got a laugh out of the banana peel photo series, but saw a real "personality" in them.

"I don't know if it was intended, but the composition and colours were also well done and it was a unanimous decision to feature it," he added.

Danica said she's incredibly happy and humbled that her work was noticed — and "not just for the validation," she said. "One of the most important things to me is being able to make people laugh."

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"I mean, there's this beautiful irony of being able to find deeper meaning in a picture of a banana peel or to relate to a bunch of haikus about hating horses," she said.

"I strongly support the idea of giving your own meaning or finding value in seemingly pointless things, so I'm really excited to be able to share that with so many people."

Congratulations, Danica. An inspiration to us all.

"Because fuck horses."

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