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    J-Kwon Still Thinks "Tipsy" Is One Of The Greatest Songs Of All Time And He Just Found Out Kanye Agrees

    "What?! Kanye West said that?"

    Remember back in 2013 when Kanye West gave J-Kwon the ultimate head nod in a New York Times interview, revealing that "Tipsy" was his all-time favorite track?

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    When describing the importance and appeal of a solid, minimalist beat, Kanye referenced J-Kwon's thumping mega-hit. "People would think that's like a lower-quality, less intellectual form of hip-hop, but that's always my No. 1," he said.

    Well, apparently J-Kwon had noooooooo idea Kanye said that.

    So So Def
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    Kanye at MTV's TRL in 2004; the same day J-Kwon performed there.

    "What?! ....Kanye West said that?," the now-28 year old said over the phone after being asked about the compliment, which Kanye paid almost a year ago.

    J-Kwon hadn't heard about Kanye's fandom, he explained, because he's "not in social media." But now that he knows, he's flattered.

    So So Def

    After he took a moment to take in what, to him, was news, he said, "You know what's funny, though? Kanye West is my number one. Nobody is better than Kanye. He's from Chicago, I'm from St. Louis. I had a run-in [with him] when I was first starting out — we did a couple of shows together as well — and he killed it. And you know, [back then] he told me I rocked it. I was rocking shit."

    And J-Kwon and Kanye are on the same page, because they both still think that "Tipsy" is one of the greatest songs to ever bless the human race.

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    "It's a classic!" J-Kwon exclaimed. "You can't fuck with that. You can quote me on that. Can't nobody fuck with that. They don't even do music like that anymore. Even now, it's still live. It's a crazy club record!"

    J-Kwon said "Tipsy" still sounds good today because he put himself fully into it.

    "You can tell what [the song] was: it was a young n*gga, 17 years old, really homeless, really hungry, needed to sell some records so he could eat. I gave it my all."

    And on the phone, J-Kwon took one last moment to digest Kanye's compliment: "Wow."

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    "I mean…wow. That means a lot."