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15 Incredible Artists Who Will Change Your Mind About Temporary Tattoos

These aren't your childhood tats.

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When you think temporary tattoos, you're probably reminded of tacky and gaudy emblems from your childhood.

Well, if you're still lusting after the idea of a temp tattoo, here are some tasteful designs that won't make you feel like you're five years old.

(They're also great to "trial" a design if you're already thinking about getting some permanent ink.)


1. Designs in blue ink by Wilma Boekholt.

If we're talking body ink, blue is the new black. Wilma makes the case for colored tattoos, but keeps them tasteful and understated. Her designs range anywhere from elaborate floral patterns to cute cartoonish dolls.

3. Eye make-up decals by Phoebe L.

Here's a fearless alternative for boring liner: temporary eyelid tattoos. Not only will they last you through a wild night out, they really make a unique statement.

5. Adorably random objects by Julia Rothman.

These adorably arbitrary things are great if you're nostalgic for the silliness of childhood temporary tats without, well, actually having to get one of the terribly tacky ones.



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