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    15 Important '90s Hip-Hop Fashion Trends You Might Have Forgotten

    An homage to Gucci bucket hats.

    1. Starter Jackets

    How to rock them: These iconic hip-hop staples come in jocky and athletic or super graphic and quirky.

    2. Tommy Hilfiger Tube Tops

    How to rock one: If you're going to go down the TH tube, you should probably wear all TH everything.

    3. Versace Silk Shirts

    How to rock one: Pair an elaborately embroidered silk shirt with dark wash denim and a pair of '90s Diddy-style shades, and voila! You've just stepped onto the 1995 Source Music Awards red carpet.

    4. Oversize Patchwork Denim

    How to rock them: The more shades of denim you can tile, the better. Think of them as wearable denim quilts. Also, for that extra Sisqo oomph, accessorize with a bare chest and belly tat.

    5. Bucket Hats

    How to rock one: You can't rock any old bucket: It's either gotta be fur-trimmed, designer, camo, or white leather.

    6. Female Athletic Jerseys

    How to rock them: Find a fitted jersey (preferably of some NBA team) and wear absolutely nothing else underneath.

    7. Male Athletic Jerseys

    How to rock them: Find the most unfitted, ginormous jersey (preferably of some NBA or MLB team) and wear absolutely nothing else underneath.

    8. The Classic Tall Tee

    How to rock one: They have to be longer than they are wide (preferably past your knees), they have to be cotton, and they should be from Footlocker.

    9. Visors

    How to rock one: Similar to bucket hats, any old visor will not work. It has be either designer, leather, or worn upside-down.

    10. Velour Sweatsuits

    How to rock them: If you're going to wear a velour jacket up top, you better pair it with matching bottoms. For reference, consult 1999 Nelly.

    *Style hint: Roll up one leg.

    11. Shiny Leather Sweatsuits

    How to rock them: Use the same measurements for regular sweatsuits. Again, the baggier, the better.

    12. Bandana Tops

    How to rock one: Accessorize with a real bandana. And to note, the acceptable bandana colors are black, navy, white, or red. Anything else is foolish.

    13. Embellished Baby Phat Tanks

    How to rock one: Any rhinestone Baby Phat tank (especially if they're one-shouldered) will take you right to the set of a Trick Daddy music video.

    14. Lugz

    How to rock them: Over jeans. And that's about it.

    15. And Anything Busta Rhymes Wore

    How he rocks them: aggressively.