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15 Important '90s Hip-Hop Fashion Trends You Might Have Forgotten

An homage to Gucci bucket hats.

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3. Versace Silk Shirts

How to rock one: Pair an elaborately embroidered silk shirt with dark wash denim and a pair of '90s Diddy-style shades, and voila! You've just stepped onto the 1995 Source Music Awards red carpet.

4. Oversize Patchwork Denim

How to rock them: The more shades of denim you can tile, the better. Think of them as wearable denim quilts. Also, for that extra Sisqo oomph, accessorize with a bare chest and belly tat.


10. Velour Sweatsuits

How to rock them: If you're going to wear a velour jacket up top, you better pair it with matching bottoms. For reference, consult 1999 Nelly.

*Style hint: Roll up one leg.

13. Embellished Baby Phat Tanks

How to rock one: Any rhinestone Baby Phat tank (especially if they're one-shouldered) will take you right to the set of a Trick Daddy music video.


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