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15 Iconic Asian Snacks You Need To Try

Strange in conception, but tastes just like your childhood.

1. Haw Flakes

2. Dried Squid

3. Cuttlefish Chips

4. Lychee Jelly

5. Asian Rice Crackers

6. Yakult Milk

7. Umaibo Wafer Sticks

8. Real Mochi

9. Aloo Bhujia

Why You Should Try It: The spicy curry accents of these Indian dried potato noodles are highly addictive. *Disclaimer: once you open a bag, you will find tiny trails of these in your keyboards, on your lap, and in your hair.

10. Fish Pastries

11. American Munchies in Green Tea Flavors

Why You Should Try It: Everything is better in green tea (macha) flavor!

12. "Boy Bawang" Garlic Bites

Why You Should Try It: A true Filipino staple, the garlic superhero snack comes in a plethora of flavors, but garlic is by far the most popular. Warning: It will do wonders to your breath.

13. White Rabbit Cream Candies

14. Dried Mini Fish

15. Sweet and Salty Dried Plums