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Canadians' Outpouring Of Support For 20 Adorable Abandoned Puppies Will Give You All The Feels Today

Warning: puppies are dangerously adorable.

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Last week, a Canadian moose hunter found 20 puppies abandoned in a field in Saskatchewan.

Facebook: Battlefords-Humane-Society

Greg Zubiak was on his annual moose hunt in Saskatoon when he came across 20 puppies that were seemingly left for dead. "It had to have been that day," he told CBC News last week. "Because there are so many coyotes in that area that they wouldn't have made it overnight." Zubiak apparently then took off all of his hunting gear and "made a little bed for them".

The "cold and flea-ridden" pups were then taken to the local humane society.

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Vets at The Battleford Humane Society, which was already near capacity, scrambled to make room and care for the new guests, who were reportedly "hungry," "full of fleas" and "weak".



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