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    After Demolishing Denmark In Hockey, Canada Graciously Lets Them Salute Fans First

    Canadian hockey is a class act.

    You may remember when Canada's Toronto Maple Leafs helped the U.S. finish their national anthem after a mic cut out during a hockey match-up a few months back.

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    Well, in another classy gesture, Canada's men's junior team allowed Denmark to pay tribute to their fans first after they won 8-0 in the recent quarter-finals game.


    Traditionally, only the winning or home team salutes the fans, but footage from TSN captures the Canadian team patiently waiting at the centre of the rink as Denmark gives their fans a stick salute.

    Denmark is a much smaller hockey nation and was the clear underdog of their match-up, but as Denmark hailed their fans, you can hear wild cheers and ovations from the entire Canadian stadium.

    Only after the Danish team filed off the rink did Team Canada begin to give their salutes.


    Canadian hockey at its finest: You can watch the entire clip here.