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12 Reasons Frank And Beans Should Be Your Favorite New Kittens

Frank and Beans are here to steal your heart.

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1. They practice martial arts daily. / Via

2. They sit in a pair. / Via

And pur like CRAZY!

3. They have a sick boxcar! / Via

Sweet flower decals!

4. That they know how to share! / Via

“But Dad said I could drive the car tonight!!!”

5. They know the importance of good hygiene. / Via

6. And they even dry themselves off! / Via

7. They play tag. / Via

8. Beans throws a mean tackle! / Via

maybe he could help the Jets...

9. They make sure to get their work done before bed. / Via

10. They are too cool for this chair! / Via

That glare tho...

11. They love to spoon! / Via

because who doesn't?

12. And they even have their own MUSIC KITTEO.

View this video on YouTube

This could make MTV cool again

You can watch daily videos of Frank and Beans' antics at their Vine account.

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