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College Basketball Player Thought His Mic Was Off When He Called A Woman "Beautiful"

Warning: Every mic is a hot mic. Nigel Hayes's reaction is pretty adorable, though.

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Hayes is fascinated by stenographers. Last week, during a pre-game press conference, Hayes tested the stenographer's skills by rattling off a random list of wonky words.

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Before he answered a reporter's question, Hayes said, "I'd like to say a few words: cattywampus, onomatopoeia, and antidisestablishmentarianism."

When reporters asked about the tongue-twisters, Hayes told them, "She does an amazing job typing words," and that "If I say a word like soliloquy right now, she may have to work a little bit harder to type that word. Or quandary, zephyr, xylophone, things like that, that make her job more interesting."


Hayes and the rest of the University of Wisconsin Badgers face the No. 4-ranked North Carolina Tar Heels tonight in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA March Madness tournament. Fingers crossed for more stenographer bloopers.

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