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22 Worries That Keep Acapella Singers Up At Night

Does anyone here actually know the tenor line?

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3. Does my mouth look weird when I sing "Dmm-Tsk" for four minutes?

Universal / Via

Because Taylor Swift has instruments. But we don't. Sometimes we wonder if we look crazed while honouring the integrity of her sound.

4. Also, do I look ridiculous in this costume? / Via tallyblen

We want to give you an authentic a cappella Victorian Christmas, but also we want to look good on Instagram and be able to move.


6. Does our group name accurately convey what we're about? / Via

Because if it doesn't, it needs changing ASAP.

7. Is this selfie going to ruin our set?

Natalie Blenford / Via!the-dukebox-singers-at-epsom-derby/c1tex

We totally want to pose for a picture with you. But if we go flat thanks to the unexpected choreo involved in moving mid-song, it's so not our fault.

8. Which set of jingle bells will best showcase our vocal arrangements? / Via

And also, will my date think I'm crazy for jingling all the way to a post-show drinks thing?


12. Will we understand our own notes and rehearsal videos? / Via

Because typically they say things like "Stay on bum da bums with Kate, then move on to sho-doops for three counts, then back on to ba dums."


13. Does our YouTube channel do us justice? / Via __soundofmusic__

We totally want to win any online star searches, so here's hoping our self-tapes make the grade.

14. If we do a Michael Jackson cover, will people think that we think we're Pentatonix?

View this video on YouTube / Via Pentatonix /

Also, if we do fewer than 20 songs in one mash-up, have we in some way failed?

16. What if I have to give the start note and do the counts at the beginning of the song?

Disney / Via

I may have been here for years, but I've never really paid attention to that bit. Do they all start with 1, 2, 3?


17. Should we click or not click?


And if we all click our fingers, do we need to choreograph this so everyone uses the same hand at the same time? Come to think of it, should we sway instead? And in which direction?

19. Will the wind, rain, and temperature be kind to us?

Natalie Blenford / BuzzFeed

It's -3°C out there and we're singing for three hours. No problem. But can we at least wear a faux-fur stole to protect our larynx from frostbite?

22. And finally, will casual clap-a-long-ers ruin our rhythm?

AMC / Mad Men / Via

Because keeping our rhythm when you're clapping out of time — and singing along with us but in a different key — can throw things out of kilter. A lot.