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21 Struggles Every Musical Theatre Geek In London Will Understand

You're not the only one who wants to Bend and Snap every time you drop your Oyster card.

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5. Trying to explain to your parents why you really do need to sleep outside the Apollo Victoria before Wicked cast change day.

Flickr: aroberts / Creative Commons

They just won't get it. But you'll be in the front row for muck-up matinee, which will be thrillifying, so whatever.


9. The Idina Menzel paradox. / Via

Yes, you want her to rock Times Square, sell out Wembley and be a megastar. But you need people to know that YOU DISCOVERED HER FIRST. She was Elphaba before she was Elsa and she's been in your iTunes since 2003. OK, four year-old Frozen fan?

10. Suppressing your anger when a casual film-goer says "Oh! So Into The Woods is a musical?"

Peter Mountain / Disney

Umm, yes. And a three-times Tony Award, one-time Olivier Award, and one-time Drama Desk award winning musical at that. Just to clarify.

11. Trying to win The Book of Mormon £20 ticket lottery. / Via

Best friend he may be, but there's only so many times a person can get to Piccadilly Circus two and a half hours before the show, with appropriate ID and wait in the rain to see if you're gonna get lucky.

12. Struggling to give directions that don't involve complicated theatre-geography.

Flickr: 68748051@N06 / Creative Commons

Because "Meet me at Costa opposite Les Mis, then we can go for dinner next to The Commitments and go drinking underneath Once" makes perfect sense to you.


14. Finding it tricky to find a flat-share that tolerates show tunes. / Via

For £800pcm plus bills, we want to be able to belt the hell out of an E flat whenever we like. Which means never mentioning musical theatre at speed flat-mating or until the contract is signed.

15. Advance booking tickets to see the summer musical at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre. / Via

Which is basically pointless, because pre-booking is like asking the rain maven to swing by Regent's Park circa 7pm and shed buckets of water on your head.

16. Wanting to use a stagey hashtag but knowing you'll be judged. / Via Twitter: @number1fansie

Just because #cheekymatinee #FirstDayOfSchool #happyactor #blessed and the rest of them are easy to trot out all over Twitter, doesn't mean you should.


18. Explaining why your friends should totally go and see a musical called Urinetown.


Or Bat Boy. Or Dogfight. Or anything other than Phantom of The Opera. You like to think you get a special Musical Theatre Merit Point every time you sell a ticket to a strangely titled show.

19. The horror of finding out your favourite understudy is on for the lead, but being unable to make it.

You've waited months to see a humble second cover step up to the mark, so why does it have to happen when you're not around.

21. But hardest of all, concealing your joy when your all-time favourite show tune comes on Shuffle, mid commute.

It might be 8.30am, but a surprise "So Much Better" from Legally Blonde always releases a rush of endorphins and makes you want to punch the air. Take that, rush hour.