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    21 Secrets Anyone Dating An Actor Knows

    We say things like "I'm going on tour. To China. For 18 months." and expect you to be happy.

    1. The night before an audition is sacred. Do. Not. Disturb.

    We can't be held responsible for the bundle of nerves and energy we might unleash on you.

    2. And we don't want to talk about it afterwards.


    Honestly, we're better left alone to mill over the possible outcomes while listening to Original Broadway Cast Recordings on a loop.

    3. We love you, but we will hang up if our agent is on the other line.

    Channel 4

    It could be a job-offer so we can't exactly red-button them.

    4. You will be asked endless questions about our casting bracket.

    Showtime/BBC / Via

    Including things such as: "Can I pass for a 14 year-old boy?" or "Do I look like an attractive but non-threatening girl next door with my hair like this?" Phrase your answers very carefully.

    5. When we actually get a job, we expect an overwhelmingly positive reaction from you.

    Warner Bros

    Even if it means you'll only see us every second Sunday for the next 12 months. Also, please don't ask us about the salary.

    6. We can't help you get your mortgage application approved. Sorry.

    ABC / Via

    We mean nothing to the bank manager until we're a series regular on HBO. But life with us is never dull, so let's not complain.

    7. We can't wait for you to send us flowers on opening night.

    8. When you come to see the show, you literally have to text in the interval to tell us how much you're loving it. / Via

    It would be great if you could #IntervalTweet on Twitter too. We'll need some compliments to re-tweet later.

    9. We can’t meet you straight from work, because straight from work we look like this:

    The glamorous life of an actress! End of Act2 About to get washed down with a bucket of cold water. @CarrieMusicalUK

    Via Twitter: @Sarah_McNic

    Give us ten minutes for a shower and we'll be totally ready for cuddles.

    10. When we ask you for a massage, we're not necessarily talking about the sexy kind.

    11. Sometimes it's hard to know if we're joking or being serious.

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    That's part of the fun of dating an actor! You never know if we're in character or actually planning to sell-up and move to a trailer park in LA for larks.

    12. We're super sociable, and love to meet new people.

    Natalie Blenford / Buzzfeed

    So don't be afraid to introduce us to family, work-mates or come on the red-carpet with us.

    13. We will make a public announcement whenever anything major happens in our lives.

    Well...lets do the Time last time. #blessed #berlin #RockyHorror @RockyHorrorEU

    Like starting, finishing or simply doing a job. Which, incidentally, gives you ample opportunity to send us more flowers, or prep a nice celebratory dinner after we've done a #ThreeShowDay.

    14. We reserve the right to Whatsapp you whenever we want, but don't ask tricky questions about our relationship after the half-hour call.

    15. It's last-minute holidays or none at all.

    16. It might seem like we have double standards.

    HBO / Via

    But just to clear it up: kissing our co-star on stage is a VERY different thing than kissing a cute colleague at the Christmas party.

    17. We will probably crush on our co-star.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    But it's just a Showmance, and it will be over as soon as the contract is done. Rules are rules, we won't be kissing them at the cast party.

    18. And we won't stop talking about our Show Husband, Show Wife or Show Dog.

    Legally Blonde pics with stage wife @Show_Jo and Nancy the dog!! #LegallyBlondeKH

    They are just soooo great. Sorry babe, but this is just another one of those cute actor quirks you'll learn to love.

    19. We live for applause.

    We may ask you to applaud us on our day off.

    We just want to make people happy, you know.

    20. We aren’t giving up acting. Ever.

    AMC / Via

    So just love and accept the part of us that loves what we do.

    21. And more than anything, we dream of the day we can thank you in an awards speech, and reveal your pet-name to the world. / Via

    It might take a while, honeyboo, but we'll get there eventually. And we can't wait to have you right there with us.

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