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    9 Thoughts You Have While Holding For A Representative

    Because who doesn't love being stuck in a never-ending call queue?

    We've all been there. Stuck in a line (or call queue) while you wait for what feels like an eternity to speak with customer service. It doesn't matter why you've called, now that you're stuck in call center purgatory, we know what you're thinking…

    1. If they tell me that my call is important to them one more time, I’m going to freak out.

    2. Who on Earth chose this hold music?

    3. Why hasn’t she texted me?

    4. Ain’t nobody got time for this.

    5. Is there no other way for me to get an answer to my question?

    6. Oh no! I forgot to buy avocados. Taco Tuesday is ruined.

    7. [Falls asleep]


    9. I don’t have to stand for this.