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An Open Letter To Nancy Gordeuk TNT Academy Founder: "Look who's leaving, all the Black people"

Nancy Gordeuk says "Look who's leaving, all the Black people" at TNT Academy commencement ceremony.

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Dear Ms. Nacy Gordeuk,

Before we get started, I want to introduce myself. My name is Torian B. Parker, I'm from a small town in North Carolina. I am a recent alumnus of a small, but mighty institution of higher learning respectfully named Livingstone College, nested in Salisbury North Carolina. I reference my recent alumni status to speak on my graduation ceremony that took place on May 3, 2014. My graduation from college was, and still is one of the most memorable moments of my life. Commencement showcased what all the blood, sweat, and tears, went to. You could say those three things that I just listed might as well be mixed in the ink on the card-stock paper of my degree. Members of my family and friends gathered in Salisbury to help me celebrate the achievement not met by many who look like me. That should give you and idea on just how important graduation is to me. Not only me, but every student in any section of their academic career. We long for graduation, knowing it is all over, and this ceremony will prove it. Since I have briefed you on the importance of graduation and what it means to me, and every student this open letter is in reference to a recent commencement ceremony in which you disrespected every graduate, their families, and especially those of the African American race.

Next, I would like to let you know how I was lead to you. You, whoever you are came to me through a 30 second video on Twitter. In the midst of chatter, I see you standing to a podium before the audience. Out of your mouth comes this statement. "Look who's leaving, all the Black people". Sending the crowd into a uproar and the video is over. This inappropriate, blatant racism, and lack of professionalism is grounds for termination. You; sit as the head of TNT Academy that brings the institution as an entire body under question. If these are you feelings as evil as they were, how are the students of colored treated and dealt with inside the walls of TNT Academy. Yourself being an educator, I am appalled that you chose to say those words at a Graduation ceremony. It shines a spotlight on your lack of coolth, tact, and integrity as a true public servant. My disgust drew me to find more information on your academy. On your website I found your mission statement. It reads as follows:

"The Purpose of TNT Academy is to encourage academic success by providing opportunities for students to develop strengths and overcome challenges.

TNT provides a personalized and positive learning environment which enables each student to reach their potential.

TNT Academy strives to inspire excellence in all areas while preparing students to be successful and responsible citizens in a diverse and ever-changing world.

At TNT Academy, we embrace a partnership with our parents and community to be actively involved in the total development of our students; emphasizing moral, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth."

For this, I think your academy should be stripped from you, and broken at its foundation. To everyone attending the TNT Academy commencement I want to say I apologize. For Ms. Gordeuk's hurtful words on such a special day for you; the graduate, and your family and friends. I hope that even though this terrible evil that spewed from Nancy Gordeuk's mouth did not overcome the joy, celebration, and accomplishment that comes with your graduation. I wish every student in attendance good luck in the future on every endeavor. Even if this letter never reaches you, I want the world to still know of who you really are. At the seal of your lips you single handedly ruined someone's dream of their perfect graduation day. You; ruining a mothers joy of seeing her son graduating by the evils of your racist statement. In one sentence you have taken and diminished the integrity of TNT Academy with your actions. I hope that this negative attention drawn to you is a reminder of what the evils of racism bring and the pain it draws from both ends.

-Torian Parker

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