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27 Thesis Milestones Every Graduate Student Experiences

Why did I decide to go back to school again?!

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1. When you've just been accepted into the program.

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2. When you have your first meeting with your supervisor.

3. When you realise that your research question is far too large, and also very under-developed.

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4. When impostor syndrome begins to set in.

5. When your supervisor demands your literature review that month.

6. When you're juggling at least five competing deadlines.

7. When you notice the media is wrong about something related to your research.

8. When you get invited to a faculty event.

9. When you see your supervisor around campus, and haven't done what they've told you to do.

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10. When you pull an all-nighter.

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11. When your reading list spirals out of control.

12. When you first start writing.

13. When you consider taking time off over the break like everyone else.

14. When you ask a friend to edit your work.

15. When you try a health-kick because you've heard it will improve brain function.

16. When you're on to your umpteenth draft and still aren't sure what you're trying to say.

17. When people start to notice your now questionable personal hygeine.

18. When your supervisor expresses grave concern about the progress of your project.

19. When you drink your sorrows away.

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20. When someone suggests this is easier than a "real job."

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21. When you've cancelled on friends at least four times.

22. When you friends just stop inviting you to things.

23. When your caffeine addiction spirals out of control.

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24. When someone tells you that your thesis is pointless.

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25. When you just can't go on any longer.

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26. When you put on your big-girl pants and give it another shot.

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27. When you realise that you're smart and brilliant and you've got this.

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