8 Songs That Will Take You Directly To Brazil By Caetano Veloso

Brazilian music is rich and full of great names, one of them is this nice and velvet voiced man from Bahia, Caetano Veloso. If you are a fan or want to know more about it, you must check the following songs!


“Você é linda” (You are beautiful). So is this song.


“Leãozinho”, a song about a lovely baby lion (or a girl who is as cute as a baby lion).


“Tieta”, with the amazing Gal Costa. Axé from Bahia.


“Sampa” is the song that best describes the impressions of people from other places about the giant city of São Paulo.


Best song for who wants to break up with someone. “Não enche”.


On the other hand, this song is perfect for those who want to declare their love for someone. “Moça” is a song about a guy who fell for a girl with a complicated past.


“Irene” featuring Gilberto Gil. Lovely and simple Tropicalia song.


“Você não me ensinou a te esquecer”. Sad and romantic song about a broken-hearted man.

Bonus track

Famous version of the song “Sozinho”, originally wrote by Peninha and made famous by Sandra de Sá.

Hidden track

Another one with Gal Costa. “Coração Vagabundo”.

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