10 Reasons You Should Stop What You’re Doing And Move To Berlin

Discover a place where you can be happy in an urban environment, with metro all night on weekends and parties that begin on Friday and end on Monday.

1. The cheapest capital of Europe.

Although you still have to find a job to survive, you spend less than in your hometown!

2. Beer, Bier, Tasse Bier!

In Berlin you find beers from around the world, with every percentage of alcohol. Besides being super cheap, buying beers you can learn to count in German, which will make you a smarter person.

3. Naked people!

On the summer, nudist areas are full of Germans taking a sun or just swimming in the lake, completely naked! And do not think the areas are far from civilization, FKK areas (acronym for the practice of nudism in German) are scattered throughout the urban area, including beer gardens (open-air bars and super touristic).

4. The city is beautiful.

There is no neighborhood in Berlin that has not a trace of history. The fall of the wall was very recent, so it is common to see parks, monuments, tributes and so everywhere. The city is beautiful, has urban art and classical together in the same horizon, so you can always find something new, no matter how long you’re in town.

5. It’s not that difficult to get a visa.

When you have a health insurance, a place to live and money in a German Bank account (which is easy), you can legally live in Berlin. If you have the right documents, you will not have problems. Germans are simple!

6. Feel smarter in every German word you learn.

Wenn du bist Deutsch Sprech, wirst du automatisch in Einstein drehen! (There’s Google Translate to help you).

7. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

In Berlin people are more concerned with doing what they want to do than judge what you’re doing. No one cares what you’re doing, how you’re wearing, if you are kissing a man or a woman, or both at the same time.

8. Eat well!

In Berlin you can find all kinds of food, with all sorts of price and all kinds of looks.

9. It’s easy to make friends (of all kinds, from around the world)!

Well, as much as making a genuine German friend takes time, meanwhile you will already have 7 Swiss, 5 Swedes, 3 Greeks, 9 Spanish, 14 Brazilians, 8 British and so on…

10. Puppies on the subway <3

There you can walk with your dog on the subway. And if you HATE animals, keep calm, ‘cause the Germans dogs are born with an implant of Cesar Millan in their heads and are incredibly docile and polite.

Ready to stop whatever you’re doing and book a Lufthansa flight straight to Berlin?

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