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    • talbotm

      Aslan doesn’t say (in his book) that the bible doesn’t claim Jesus is the Messiah. Of course the bible claims that. Duh. He says that in Jesus’ lifetime NO ONE said/believed he was God-made-flesh, or would return from the grave—including Jesus himself. This book is an exploration of what the actual historical figure of Jesus thought, did, believed and how he probably viewed himself and the world based on historical documents. His book also asserts that the gospel depiction of him as a demi-god was written to appeal to a Roman audience. Because they liked that sort of thing.
      Also, traditional Muslims do believe in the second coming, so if his faith-of-choice interfered with his writing his book would have a different thesis. THAT’s what’s annoying about the original interview and this one. Lauren Green may be a good-person, but she was being a bad-reporter when she interviewed a guy about a book he wrote without actually reading it, or even listening to a couple of his previous interviews. Same for these two.

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