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    Anyways, Here's A Cat Using A Fidget Spinner

    Now if only we could teach the cat to dab.

    This cat from Japan is getting a lot of attention on Twitter for its unique talents (unique for cats, at least).


    The cat in question is Riura. She's six years old.

    @fightZeleive / Via Twitter: @fightZeleive

    Her owner, Zeleive (@fightZeleive on Twitter), told BuzzFeed News in Japan: "It's just a happy coincidence that she managed to spin it with her tail. Mostly she just bats at them with her paws."

    @fightZeleive / Via Twitter: @fightZeleive

    He added, "It was just so cute. I couldn't help but laugh. I loved that she figured out how to spin it with her tail. You'd expect that her tail would eventually get in the way, but she just kept timing it perfectly to keep the spinner going."

    @fightZeleive / Via Twitter: @fightZeleive

    She has yet to ever recreate her perfect tail spin. Clearly, we've reached peak fidget spinner. Time to pack it in. We're done here.


    This post was translated from Japanese.

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