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The 2007 Winner Of “Australian Idol” Has Opened Up About Her Time On The Show

"The only way I can describe it, is like being blind-folded and having someone dress you in the clothes that they think will suit you."

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In 2007, Natalie Gauci beat Matt Corby to take the title of Australian Idol, becoming the third female winner of the series.

While Corby is still a household name to this day thanks to his successful musical transition to Triple J hits, Gauci fell off the radar after her winner's single "Here I Am".

Ten years after her win, Gauci has opened up to BuzzFeed about her time on Idol, and what's next for her music career.

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She touched on the struggles of dealing with her music label Sony BMG.

Sony BMG

"I worked hard for my label because I had a dream. Halfway through the year the dream wasn’t my dream anymore. I wanted my soul back. I lost who I was. And I spent the next 10 years looking for it," Gauci said.


Gauci also said she wished contestants were offered more support during and after the show.

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"I wish we had counsellors at the end of the show. I had people telling me what to do left, right, and centre and I felt like I didn’t have the right support. Even my mum said I had changed, that I wasn’t myself."

"I didn’t know how to work with a music manager – all I was told was that winning Idol is like having an arranged marriage, and that just confused me. A lot of it came as a shock to me. I was so naive to think that all my hard work was going to result in an album I wanted to make."

However, Gauci did stay in touch with former judges Ian "Dicko" Dickinson and Mark Holden after the show.

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"Dicko and I stayed in contact for quite a while after the show. I even trained him when I became a fitness instructor and helped him lose weight! I have also been in touch with Mark Holden and I know he has been supporting me on the sidelines all this time and following my career."

Over the past four years, Gauci has spent a lot of time travelling and finally feels like she's able to shake off the Idol tag.

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"I chose to live my life outside of the public world so I could form a new life for myself. Being famous is no longer something I strive for because unless I’m changing the world in a positive way, what’s the point?"

But she also says she has no regrets about her time on Idol.

"It’s become a part of me and I love sharing my experiences with people. It’s in the past now and I’ve said thank you for all my experiences and I have forgiven myself for the mistakes that I made as well."