The 8 Best Twinkie Listings On eBay

As you all know, the liquidation of Hostess has ushered in the end of the world. Fortunately, I’ve found eight eBay sellers who are willing to sate your need for delicious mouth gold … for a price.

1. 1. Sweet Mouth Gold

Shove it in your mouth!

2. 2. New Lungs

If this turns out to be real, I’m going to feel really bad for laughing.

3. 3. For the zombie apocalypse

4. 4. Collector grade

At least it’s uneaten…but once the zombies arrive, our standards may lower.

5. 5. Signed by Charles Barkley

As all good snacks should be.

6. 6. Blessed Twinkie

Evidently blessed by a priest…?

7. 7. This one’s not even a Twinkie

I see what you did there…

8. 8. And at last…the $3 million box of Twinkies!

Get it while you can!

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