16 Cats Who Care Even Less Than You Do

The shits they gave - they buried.

1. This Ron Swanson look-a-like:

2. This cat who doesn’t need your affection:

Thanks. But No Thanks.

3. This cat who every so often dies of boredom:

4. This cat who is like “oh hell no” to your shit:

5. This cat who is totally fine and can do without your emotions:

6. This gangsta:

7. This emotionally unavailable kitty:

8. This epic grumpy eye roll:

9. This introvert kitten who is judging these selfie-taking kittens:

10. This cat who hides behind a wall from social interaction:

11. This cat who is uncomfortable with public displays of affection:

12. This cat who is not so secretly judging you:

13. This cat who would rather socialize with the wall:

14. This cat who doesn’t need another interspecies friend:

15. This recluse who is more over the holidays than you are:

“Merry Christmas you filthy animal” - This Cat

16. And you thought you were dead inside:

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