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    18 WTF Photos From Britain's Past

    Zebras on the streets of Brixton, and other oddities. Curated for Buzzfeed by Retronaut.

    1. Norwich City Council's first computer being delivered to the City Treasurer's Department.

    Via Norfolk Record Office, via Retronaut

    2. Sleigh jumping at Alexandra Palace in 1933.

    3. Shopping in the belly of a whale at the Isle of Wight’s Blackgang Chine Amusement Park in 1842.

    Via Boing Boing, via Retronaut

    4. Michael Jackson and Benny Hill in 1988.


    Michael Jackson visited Benny Hill when he was ill, since Michael was in the UK at the time.

    5. The Brighton “Daddy Long-Legs” in 1896.

    Via Public Domain Review / The Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museums, via Retronaut

    “Daddy Long-Legs” was a coastline railway that ran through the English Channel between 1896 and 1901. Its only carriage stood on four legs and was propelled by electric motor.

    6. A burning cigarette dispenser in 1931.

    7. A nurse and baby wearing gas masks in 1940.

    8. Behind the scenes at Madame Tussauds in 1930.

    9. U-boat beached at Hastings in 1919.

    Via Old UK Photos / What’s That Picture / Hastings Observer Bygones, via Retronaut

    10. Zebra carriages in Brixton in the 1800s.

    Via Shopkins Fossick / Natural History Museum / Popular Science, via Retronaut

    11. The smallest shop in London from the 1900s.

    12. Edward V111 in drag in 1925.

    13. An aircraft on the streets of Liverpool in 1943.

    Via Crown Copyright, Royal Air Force Museum / D. Sheley, via Retronaut

    14. Prince Charles and Princess Anne buried in sand in 1957.

    15. Brighton Swimming Club in 1863.

    16. Sheep on the Strand in 1923.

    17. British body armour in 1917.

    Via Imperial War Museum, via Retronaut

    18. Zoo animals supporting the war effort in Sheffield in 1914.

    Visit Retronaut to enjoy loads more delightful old photos.

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