9 Words That Genuinely Might Be Added To The Oxford English Dictionary

Lexicographers are eyeing up new words for the next edition of the OED. Via Wordability.

1. Bacne.

Acne on your back.

2. Legsie.


A selfie, but of your legs.

3. Hatewatch.

Watching a TV show you hate and then bitching about it.

4. Dosant.

A cross between a doughnut and a croissant.

5. Phubbing.

Snubbing someone by looking at your phone.

6. Nocialising.

Phubbing, but in groups.

7. Appisode.

A TV show, but on your smartphone.

8. Meme.

As a verb, not a noun. A cultural idea that passes from person to person.

9. Lolarious.

Hilarious, but with additional laughter.

Watch Senior Editor Fiona McPherson talk about it.

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