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What's The Best Uni Drunk Food Place In The UK?

"Lots of cheese, please."

Getting drunk food on the way home is the best part of any uni night out.

Young Money

The pre-drinks and the nightclub are always fun, but it's the greasy food at the end that really makes your night.

And you probably had a favourite place to buy your drunken carbs.

Warner Bros

At 3am when they turned the lights back on, you had to go somewhere to get your food.

It might have been a van that served the best chips and gravy in town.

Or it might have been a kebab shop that you simply had to visit.

Or perhaps it was a bargain pizza place.

Either way, there must have been somewhere you always ended up.

So tell us in the comments below: What’s your favorite uni drunk food place, and why? And what was your go-to order?

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