What You Said On MSN Messenger Vs What You Actually Meant


1. “hey”

What you actually meant: “I’m too scared to talk to you at school, but now that I’m sitting behind my computer I feel brave enough to start a conversation.”

2. “u ok?”

What you actually meant: “Although I want to talk to you, I don’t have anything to say.”

3. “yeh, u?”

What you actually meant: “I want to talk to you too, but I don’t have anything to say either.”

4. “webcam’s not working”.

What you actually meant: “I’m not going to turn webcam on because I haven’t straightened my fringe today.”

5. “brb”

What you actually meant: “I’m pretending to go to the loo, but really I’m trying to think of something witty to reply with.”

6. “lol”

What you really meant: I’m not laughing, I just don’t understand how else to respond to what you just said.

7. “wuu2?”

What you actually meant: “I’m not up to anything, and if you’re not up to anything either, maybe we could hang out. But only if you want to.”

8. “<3”

What you really meant: “I fancy you.”

9. “it said u were typing, what were u going to say?”

What you really meant: “I hope you were about to tell me that you fancy me and just got scared because you don’t know if I like you too. But I do.”

10. “oops sorry wrong convo”

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What you really meant: “I didn’t type that in the wrong conversation at all. I want to gauge how you feel about what I just typed in a non-committal way. Basically, I want to know if you like me back.”

11. “sorry that was my friend”

What you really meant: “You didn’t respond to what I said in the way I had hoped, so I’m going to pretend it wasn’t me.”

12. “going to bed”

Warner Bros. / gifbay.com

What you actually meant: “I’m going to pretend to be offline because I’m bored of talking to you.”

13. “*nudge*”

What you actually meant: “OMG REPLY TO ME, I CAN’T HANDLE THE SUSPENSE.”

14. “l8rz”

What you actually meant: I will definitely log on later to talk to you again because I really like you.”

15. “kk”

What you actually meant: “I will probably log on later too, but I’m trying to appear aloof so I won’t commit.”

16. “…” (repeated on 100 line breaks)

What you actually meant: “My mum’s just come into the room so I need to clear my screen.”

17. “wanna play minesweeper?”

What you actually meant: “I just want to make sure you’re occupied so I can be sure you’re not talking to other girls.”

18. “gtg soz”

Walt Disney / giphy.com

What you actually meant: “My mum needs to use the phone.”

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