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    We Asked Non-Finns React To Photos Of Finnish Stuff And Now They're All Jealous

    "You win, Finland."

    I sent 12 uncaptioned photographs of Finland (and other Finnish stuff) to BuzzFeed's New York, Berlin, Paris, and London offices and asked them to write down what they saw. This is what they said:

    1. Mämmi, a traditional Easter dessert made with dark molasses and malted rye

    2. Mignon eggs, almond-hazelnut nougat filled eggs that are eaten at Easter

    3. The Northern Lights

    4. Lordi, a heavy metal band who won Eurovision in 2006

    5. The Sibelius Monument in Helsinki

    6. Kalakukko, a rye pie with fish baked inside it

    7. Wife-carrying, a sport in which men run around an obstacle course carrying women around their shoulders

    8. Karjalanpiirakka, rye pasties filled with rice which are often served with an egg butter

    9. Korvapuusti, cinnamon rolls

    10. The Moomins, a series of children's book, comic, TV show, and film characters

    11. Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, a hotel in Lapland

    12. Leipäjuusto, squeaky cheese that is served hot with jam

    13. A sauna

    14. What we get every summer 🌞

    Thank you to Ailbhe, Maggy, Flo, Jim, Matt, Laura, Paul, Jamie, Tom, and Robin from London, Juliane from Berlin, Jennifer from Paris, and Sami, Sarah, Bryant, and Lauren from New York for taking part.