21 Gorgeous Moomin Products That You 100% Need

    Why wouldn't you want to do this?

    1. This absolutely perfect mug.

    2. These charming cookie cutters.

    Get them here.

    3. This adorable tablecloth.

    4. These elegant glasses.

    5. These gloriously twee salt and pepper shakers.

    6. This sophisticated make up bag.

    7. This lovely print.

    8. And this colourful one.

    9. This arty one too.

    10. This lively pillow.

    11. This beyond perfect phone case.

    12. This sweet bunting.

    13. These irresistible placemats.

    14. This charming Washi tape.

    15. This adorable drinks tray.

    16. This cute pillow.

    17. This sweet drinks coaster.

    18. This great mug.

    19. This enamel mug too.

    20. These wonderful paper napkins.

    21. And this brilliant tea-towel.