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11 Ways Female Friendship Changes Between Ages 16, 21, And 26

You get even closer as you get older.

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At 21, you make friends anywhere and everywhere: in halls, in lectures, in nightclub toilets...

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You're in a new chapter of your life, and you want to be friends with everyone.

At 26, you make new friends at work. But you're still close with your school and uni friends too.

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You end up with lots of little pockets of friends who sometimes meet each other on occasions like your birthday.

At 16, you spend every weekend roaming your local high street, with a Starbucks Frappuccino in hand, and playing on Photo Booth at the Apple Store.

At 21, you either hang out in terrible student nightclubs, or slumped over your kitchen table nursing a horrific hangover.

3. How you spend an average Friday night:

4. Which parties you have the most fun at:

At 26, you don't really go out anymore. But you do go to a new wedding every single weekend.

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Weddings are better than going out because they have free food, booze, and an overly emotional dad giving a speech.

At 21, you scoff cheesy chips at the end of every single night out.

The amount of food you can consume is almost impressive.

At 16, you hang out every day at school, every Friday at a sleepover, and then every Saturday in town.

At 26, you see your friends twice a month if you're lucky, but your group chat goes off all day, every day.

If you are dating one of my girls just know that your arguments are displayed in our group chat and as a team we have written the response

And you'll be there at the drop of a hat if your friends ever need you.

At 21, you have a massive group of friends you go out with and a few closer friends who know everything about you.


There are loads of people you will happily hang out with, but only a few who'll still be there as you vom into a taxi at the end of the night.

At 26, you've cherry-picked your friends and you're left with a very small group of absolute babes.

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You're too old for small talk, so the people you're friends with now are going to be stuck with you for life.

11. The kinds of favours you expect from your friends:

At 21, you check each other's dissertation references in the daytime and monitor each other's drunk texts at night.

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Everyone has one friend who loves to send drunk declarations of love via text. And it's your job to stop that happening.

26-year-old friends are there to provide medical diagnoses, proofread job applications, and help compose sexy message at all times of day, no questions asked.

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And there's never any judgement.

12. The grossest thing you'd do for each other:

Your early twenties are your grossest years. At 21, you'll happily hold your friend's hair back as they vom into a toilet.

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Then you'll put them to bed, stick their phone on charge, and carry on with your night out.

At 26, you've been through so much together that there's nothing you wouldn't do for each other anymore.

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What's hers is yours and what's yours is hers.

13. How you establish whether your friendship is for life:

At 26, you bond over how shit men are.

But srsly, why are they so bad?

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