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    27 Very Real Interrailing Problems

    So many cathedrals, so little time.

    1. When you haven't set off yet, but your bag already weighs more than you.

    2. When it rains and your ticket turns to mush.

    3. When you just want to get from A to B but it's impossible to work out how long it'll take.

    4. When all the pretty buildings start to blur and you feel guilty for not appreciating their grandeur.

    5. When there are no seats on your train so you wind up on the floor.

    6. When every single bridge is covered in locks.

    7. When you order something you don't recognise on the menu and it's disgusting.

    8. When you've run out of pants but you don't have time to let your laundry dry.

    9. When you sign up to a hostel-organised pub crawl and regret your decision immediately.

    10. When you visit a beach and the sand follows you around for weeks.

    11. When you cross a border in the middle of the night, but your passport is at the bottom of your bag.

    12. When you check out of your hostel early and end up carrying your backpack around all day.

    13. When you run out of money, so you have to eat pasta and sauce every single night.

    14. When European crisps don't make sense.

    15. When you make friends with someone, start travelling with them, and then realise they're immeasurably odd.

    16. When you get on a night train and realise your bed is shorter than your body.

    17. And the corridor is narrower than your shoulders.

    18. When you don't know which train to get because you don't speak every language.

    19. When you check into your hostel late, so you have to get ready for bed in the dark.

    20. When someone in your hostel room has sex.

    21. When you realise art galleries and museums in Europe cost money.

    22. But because you don't understand the currency, you end up getting out three times more cash than you need.

    23. When you actually can't face another free walking tour.

    24. And you definitely can't afford to tip your guide.

    25. When you can't connect to Wi-Fi but you need to email your parents.

    26. When you buy postcards for everyone, but forget to send them.

    27. And finally, when you get home and realise you've got the same profile picture as everyone else.