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21 Reasons Having A Northern Best Friend Is Amazing

Who else are you going to watch Waterloo Road while eating chips and gravy with?

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1. When Northerners drink, they drink. So a night out with your BFF is guaranteed to be fun.


You'll send regrettable texts, vomit in questionable places, and forget most of it by the next morning. But you will definitely have a good time.

2. And your BFF won't judge you for inhaling chips and gravy on your way home.

In fact, they'll tell you it's necessary to soak up the booze.


7. But when they need to say it how it is, they can be pretty straight talking.

Which can seem a bit brutal, but is actually OK because Northerners have the best accent ever. So if you need to hear a few home truths, you may as well listen to them said nicely.

8. Having a Northern best friend means having the perfect excuse to leave the South and while away hours in lovely country pubs.

Where you won't pay more than a fiver for a pint.


13. Having a Northern best friend means having access to the perfect hangover cure.

Why hasn't the rest of the country cottoned onto the fact that a can of Vimto cures everything?

15. And exactly where to take you next.

Back to back meals are sometimes necessary.


19. They cook the best foods.

Your BFF will make you Yorkshire puddings whenever you need them.