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21 University Habits You'll Lose When You Graduate

No more Basics vodka and squash cocktails.

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1. Napping in the middle of the day.

When you finally get a job, taking a lunchtime desk nap is very much frowned upon.

3. Hitting snooze on your alarm so many times that you oversleep and don't get out of bed until lunchtime.

At uni, this was OK because most of your lecture notes went up online anyway. But you'll get fired if you start getting to work at lunchtime.

4. Ordering takeaways all the damn time.

You'll still treat yourself from time to time, but your metabolism will start to slow down after university, so you won't be able to get away with it quite so often. ­čśş


5. Getting drunk before you go out.

At uni, it's a good idea to save money by getting smashed before you go out. After you've graduated, however, it's just a bit rude.

6. Saying the word "pre-lash".

You won't hear this word after you leave.

7. Wearing fancy dress.

Hen nights excluded, adults don't actually wear fancy dress all that often.

8. Not realising that it's a weekend, because all days feel the same.

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When you leave uni, you'll spend Monday-Friday counting down to the weekend, and Saturday-Sunday dreading Monday morning.


9. Getting drunk food on the way home every time you go out.

When you were at uni, stopping off at your local kebab shop on the way home became routine. But when your local kebab shop isn't full of all your friends doing the exact same thing as you, it'll feel more shameful.

10. Not reading anything, ever.


When you're a student, you feel guilty reading for fun, because if you're gonna read, you might as well get started on your course reading. But as an adult, you'll enjoy getting into books again.

11. Waiting until literally the last minute before doing your work, even if you don't have anything else on.

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When you get a real job, you'll realise this was actually a really inefficient way of working.

12. Making cocktails out of Sainsbury's Basics vodka and double-strength squash.

You might even spend some money on real cocktails.


13. Boasting about how little work you've done.

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At university, it was cool to be all, "Fml, I've done literally nooooooo revision for this exam," but if you acted like that at work, everyone would think you were a bit of a dick.

14. Going out to the kinds of curry houses that let you stand on chairs and throw food at each other.

Now if you go out for a meal, you want to make sure it's somewhere nice.

15. Telling a bunch of strangers things you've never done before as a means of getting drunk.

In fact, playing organised drinking games in general doesn't really happen once you've graduated.


18. Staying in a nightclub until the lights come on more than once in a week.


You probably won't go to nightclubs very much at all. And when you do, you'll try to leave at a reasonable hour so you get a good night's sleep.

19. Drinking energy drinks (except coffee).

Pretty much as soon as you graduate, you'll realise that Red Bull is actually disgusting and it probably rots your insides.

20. Eating pizza at 4am.

You'll probably have started eating three meals a day, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. How conventional.

21. And finally, drinking J├Ągerbombs.

You will never ever have to down these monstrosities again.