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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    37 Moments That Changed Everything For British '00s Girls

    S Club just wasn't the same without Paul.

    1. 9 Feburary 2002, when Will Young won Pop Idol and the world stopped making sense.

    Thames Television

    Tbh, you'll never get over this.

    2. The moment your Livestrong wristband arrived and you were instantly cooler because of it.

    3. The day your S.O. made you their top Myspace friend and you knew things were serious.

    4. Every time a new Harry Potter book came out and you had to drop everything you were doing to lock yourself in a room and read it before you heard any spoilers.


    5. When they announced that they'd cast the three lead roles, and you realised you were never going to be Hermione.

    Warner Bros.

    You didn't audition, but they could have approached you for the role. Ffs.

    6. Watching the last episode of Friends and truly understanding the phrase "end of an era".

    Warner Bros.

    You probably cried from start to finish.

    7. The day Paul left S Club 7 and you couldn't help but wonder whether everything was OK between Hannah and him.

    Smash Hits /

    They were the ultimate '00s OTP.

    8. And worse, the day Geri left The Spice Girls and you learnt how it felt to be betrayed.

    Thames Television

    Baby was always your favourite anyway.

    9. When you got a new phone and had to play Snake 2 until you matched the high score on your old phone.

    10. The day someone came into school and claimed their aliens had babies because they sat back-to-back in the fridge for a night.

    You're still not sure whether this rumour was true or not.

    11. The day your parents finally got a Digibox, and you spent a week watching back-to-back music videos on channel 18.


    The Hits was the best.

    12. The first time you plucked up enough courage to tell someone you fancied them, and then immediately went, "rong convo, soz".

    13. When Kinga did this with a wine bottle, and you didn't really understand what was going on, but you knew it was ~ScAnDaLOuS~.

    Channel 4

    14. The day your mum finally let you get a pink Motorola Razr and you felt like Hilary Duff.

    15. The day you got your ears pierced at Claire's and felt like a grown woman.

    You bought their 3-for-2 earring for years afterwards, even though they turned your ears green.

    16. When Cilla Black left Blind Date and you weren't sure how you'd ever find a boyfriend without her.


    She made it look so easy.

    17. When Girls Aloud got the Christmas number one after Popstars: The Rivals and you were proud to be a woman.


    One True Voice who?

    18. When your handwriting was neat enough to start using a Parker pen, and you knew you'd basically reached adulthood.

    19. Getting a Walkman for Christmas and feeling like the luckiest girl alive.

    20. Until you got an iPod, which made you feel like you were from the actual future.

    21. The day Marissa died, and so did a part of you.


    22. When you got your first set of GHDs and you practically became a Sugababe there and then.

    23. The day you bought one of these and looked pretty much identical to Sienna Miller.

    24. The day this guy cheated on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and you had an extensive debate about ethics at the dinner table.


    25. The first time you played Sims: Hot Date at your mate's house, even though you weren't allowed that expansion pack.

    EA Games

    26. When Skins launched on E4 and you thought, "My god, I have really seen it all."


    27. When it occurred to you that combining UGGs, a Jack Wills denim mini skirt, and Johnson's Holiday Skin made you look like a celebrity.


    28. The first time you spoke to someone on a Neopets chat room, and your parents were convinced you were about to get abducted.

    29. When you worked out your future using a very scientific formula known as M.A.S.H.

    30. Living for Top Of The Pops on a Friday night so you could learn the latest Miss Teeq dance routine.


    31. The first time you ~went to town~ and thought to yourself, "This is living."

    Even though you just basically walked around Debenhams before splitting a 5-pack of Millies Cookies with your mate, then got the bus home.

    32. When Brooke lost Lucas, but found herself, and my god it was too much.


    33. The day that Nick and Jessica broke up, and you wondered whether Newlyweds had all been a lie.


    34. And the final scene of The Hills, which proved that nothing is real.


    35. When Prince William went to university and you cursed your parents for not having you a few years earlier.

    David Cheskin / AFP / Getty Images

    36. When someone in your class got you one of these from their summer holiday, and you knew you had a new BFF.

    37. And finally, the moment you logged into Myspace, saw this, and realised that your life had peaked.

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