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27 Unforgettable Things All '00s Teenage Girls Did In The Summer

::Covers body in Johnson's Holiday Skin::

1. Covering your legs in Johnson's Holiday Skin because god forbid you'd be seen without a tan.

2. Cooling down inside with a Capri Sun, Calypo, or Sunny Delight.

Even though you were scared Sunny D would make you turn orange!

3. Pairing your denim miniskirt with a pair of Uggs, even though your mum didn't understand how your feet weren't too hot.

4. Either using sea salt spray to make sure your hair was beach-wavy, or heat protection mist so you could get it poker straight.

As long as you avoided the dreaded frizz, you were fine.

5. Going to the beach wearing a puka-shell necklace.

6. Catching some sun while reading the latest copies of Mizz, Bliss, Shout, Sugar, and Girl Talk.

And flicking straight to the cringe pages. Red-face alert!

7. Desperately avoiding Harry Potter spoilers until you'd finished the newest book and dissected it with your friends.

8. Reading Jacqueline Wilson, Mag Cabot, and Ann Brashares books on the plane.

9. Begging your mum to let you get your hair braided on holiday.

10. Getting totally hooked on Big Brother at the beginning of the summer — and having to watch every single episode as a result.

Also copying every single one of Davina's mannerisms because damn, she was cool.

11. Covering your lips in Juicy Tubes lip balm and then spending the rest of the day unsticking your hair from it.

12. Grinding to these bangers at your friend's birthday disco.

13. Buying these for all of your friends from your holiday.

14. Running to your freezer to get a Fab, Choc Ice, or Nobbly Bobbly to cool down.

15. Being served jelly and ice cream at your friend's birthday parties.

16. Working out which Charlie you were in the mood for.

17. Having hours of fun in the garden with your Slip 'n' Slide and a Super Soaker.

18. Taking pictures of all your friends on a Polaroid camera and sticking them to your bedroom wall.

19. Putting lemon juice in your hair and hoping you'd get chunky highlights.

20. Learning all the words to "The Ketchup Song," even though you didn't really know what it was about.

21. Watching hours upon hours of My Parents Are Aliens, Tracy Beaker, Big Kids, and Kerching!

22. Giving yourself a French manicure with a single diamante detail.

23. Developing a major crush on one of the Shipwrecked contestants.

Most probably a Tiger. Tigers were sexier than Sharks.

24. Getting seriously invested in Gordo's crush on Lizzie McGuire.

25. Dousing yourself in DKNY Apple, White Musk, or Just Pink.

Sometimes you even wore more than one scent, just to ~mix things up~.

26. Going through the Jack Wills summer handbook and working out what you could persuade your mum you needed.

27. But most importantly, wearing a thong under your low-rise trousers and making sure everybody knew about it.