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21 Trends From 2007 That Should Really Make A Comeback In 2017

It was a glitzier time, back in 2007.

1. Wearing a bra with invisible straps that kind of dug into your shoulders.

2. Going out in footless tights and kitten heels.

3. Posting a new Facebook status every time a new thought entered your brain.

4. Very low bunches that were tied up with dice toggle bobbles.

5. Taking selfies in the mirror with your digital camera in shot.

6. Flicking between channels 18 and 21 for hours on end.

7. Being totally addicted to your flip phone.

8. Going on holiday with your family and returning with a hair wrap.

9. Plug in PS2 dance mats.

10. Wearing fade sunglasses.

11. Ed Hardy T shirts, caps, and tracksuits.

12. Spending the day in town and ironically going to the Build-A-Bear workshop.

13. Subtly flirting with your crush via MySpace questionnaires.

14. Birthday parties at Frankie & Benny's.

15. Etnies skater shoes with neon laces.

16. The Pob.

17. Tagging your friends in Facebook posts like this.

18. Vehemently denying being an emo even though you were quite clearly an emo.

19. Wearing chandelier-style earrings that hung down by your shoulders.

20. This exact haircut.

21. And finally, sticking diamantés to everything, but especially your nails and teeth.

2007 was a glitzier time.