15 Tiny Hats On Cats

OMG so cute. Via Books of Adam.

1. Tiny cockel hat on a cat.

2. Tiny Tam o’Shanter on a cat.

3. Tiny Mad Hatter hat on a cat.

4. Tiny royal wedding hat on a cat.

5. Tiny Final Fantasy IX steepled hat on a cat.

6. Tiny Robin Hood hat on a cat.

7. Tiny mortarboard on a cat.

8. Tiny Sailor Moon tiara on a cat.

9. Tiny nursing cap on a cat.

10. Tiny birthday party hat on a cat.

11. Tiny pirate hat on a cat.

12. Tiny toque on a cat.

13. Tiny top hat on a cat.

14. Tiny fez on a cat.

15. Tiny crown on a cat.

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