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    23 Times Little My Was The Sassiest Damn Woman

    "Sorry Moomin. Didn't know it was you, thought it was a pig."

    1. When she'd had enough of Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden's mushy chit chat.

    2. When she refused to settle for any old job.

    "When I grow up, I'm going to become a pirate." The joys of motherhood didn't interest Little My, and she probably knew the facts of life anyway.

    3. And encouraged everything around her to dream big too.

    4. When she didn't have time for Moomin's negativity.

    "Don't whine. It's enough when the wine whines."

    5. When she danced like a goddamn ballerina.

    6. When she spoke up for single ladies.

    "Settled life doesn't offer any excitement."

    7. But also when she knew what she wanted, and she went right after it."

    "I've had a great idea". "Go on." "We should get married. Because I want you to be my boyfriend."

    8. When she didn't feel the need to justify her actions to anyone.

    9. When she was out there, looking for the important things.

    "I'm just looking for cake."

    10. And when she got rightly angry when she didn't find it.

    "You skunk! The cake is covered in hair!"

    11. When she absolutely mastered the art of stealing from other people's plates.

    12. In fact, if there's one thing Little My is into, it's eating.

    13. She really, really likes food.

    14. Like, seriously.

    15. Nom nom nom.

    16. When she was positive in the face of overwhelming negativity.

    "I like snow." "I don't. It's cold and slippery, and everything's too white and quiet, and it's everywhere."

    17. When she owned Moomin in a game of hide and seek.

    18. And didn't shy away from a confrontation with Moominmama.

    "Listen, My: Don't annoy the Moomins too much." "So have I already annoyed somebody?"

    19. When she came up with the most brutal insult of all time.

    20. When she gave Sniff the surprise of his life.

    21. When she mastered the art of waking Moomin up.

    22. When she wasn't happy, so she just stamped her feet.

    23. And finally, when she gave this perfectly well-reasoned argument for being lazy.