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31 Times "Gossip Girl" Made You Cry, And Cry, And Cry

"Three words, eight letters... say it and I'm yours."

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1. When there was one thing Blair needed to hear.

2. And one thing Chuck couldn't say.


3. When Rufus loved Jenny, in spite of everything.

4. When Serena couldn't face getting her heart broken again.

5. When Serena and Blair gave us all friendship goals.

6. When Lily gave Chuck the maternal support he always needed.

7. And he supported her right back.


8. When Chuck couldn't bear watching Blair marry another man.

9. When Serena first agreed to go on a date with Dan.

10. When Eric told Jenny he'd always be there for her.

11. When Blair let Jenny in on what really made her queen.


13. And it gave her strength.

14. When Blair realised she could never let Chuck go.

15. When Serena's friends were they for her when she needed them the most.

16. When Chuck opened up to Nate about his feelings for Blair.

17. When Eric had his sister's back.


19. When Blair and Chuck made a commitment for the rest of their lives.

21. When Eleanore and Cyrus found each other.

22. When Blair was genuinely happy for Dorota.


23. When Serena found it hard to move on.

25. When Rufus showed that he understood Lily.

26. When Dan told Blair what she needed to hear.

27. When Serena opened up to Blair about her father.

28. When Dan and Vanessa proved that some friends are meant to be friends forever.

29. When Serena told her mum what Dan meant to her.

"Dan is my boyfriend. And I know we're too young to talk about forever, but right now that's what it feels like. Tell me that Rufus is that important to you. Tell me that whatever the two of you have is the most important thing in your life. Because that's what Dan is to me, Mom: The most important."

30. And when Lily finally accepted him.

31. And when Rufus and Lily proved that it's better late than never.


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