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    21 Times Claudia Winkleman Was The Actual Best

    Please be my best friend.

    1. When she asked Miranda Hart the questions that truly matter.

    2. When she absolutely won Buzzcocks.

    3. When she was wonderfully naïve about her goldfish.

    4. When she revealed the secret to a happy marriage.

    5. When she was the best ever Bake Off contestant.


    6. Seriously. The. Best.


    7. When she revealed she wasn't fussy about food.

    8. Of course, there was the time she showed up the the GQ Awards like this...

    9. ...but then she totally owned it by doing this.

    It's like the GQ Awards all over again. Happy Halloween.

    10. When she was a massive nan on Strictly.

    11. When no information was too much information.

    Channel 4

    12. When Sarah Millican and her were the most perfect BFFs.

    13. When she gave Josh Widdicombe a little makeover.

    14. Every time Tess Daley and her were like 👯.

    Time for the @BAFTA awards. We're giddy. @TessDaly @bbcstrictly

    15. Just look at them.

    16. 👭

    17. And who could forget the time she was pregnant and got chased by a penguin?

    18. When Jack Whitehall and her made the perfect team.

    19. Which was only beaten by Jon Richardson and her.

    20. When she wasn't afraid to laugh at herself.

    21. Claudia, you're the best.

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