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26 Times The Murrays Were Your Relationship Goals

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content.

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1. When Djokovic congratulated them on their marriage, and Kim's face lit up.

2. When Andy Instagrammed this picture of his "three favourites" 😍.

11. When they were so confident in their relationship that Nadal decided to prank them.

12. When they were the cutest couple to go golfing ever ⛳️.

13. When Andy just won actual Wimbledon but only had eyes for Kim.

15. When Andy posted this gorgeous selfie of the two of them grinning like idiots in love.

16. When Andy facetimed their dogs Maggy and Rusty when he was away.

17. And when Kim legit set up a Twitter account for Maggy.

I've been off Twitter so long I've forgotten, is this how you take a selfie?

18. Which is beyond adorable.

I ask for a winter vaycay and they bring me to subzero NYC. My beard has frozen.


22. When Andy was awarded the Freedom of Stirling and Kim just stood next to him, looking glamorous af.

23. When Kim sent this charming handwritten thank you card to the bridal shop that sent her a wedding garter.

Andrew Milligan / PA WIRE

"Dear Lesley and all at Point Nouveau Bridal, Just a little note to say a huge thank you for the gorgeous gift that Nicole made for me. It was very kind of you and I hadn't found a garter yet so thanks ever so much. Also, that card of Lorna Brown's is absolutely fabulous! It really made us giggle, especially our two little dogs in the background! We are really excited for our big day in a month's time and are happy to be celebrating out wedding in Dunblane. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Best wishes, Kim Sears x"