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26 Things You'll Understand If You're Sightly Obsessed With Wine

Wine comes from grapes, and grapes are fruit, and fruit is healthy.

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1. You spend all day at work counting down to 5pm, aka wine o'clock.

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And you have a designated work BFF who will always go for a glass (or five) with you once you both finish.

3. And you're very partial to a glass of breakfast Prosecco.

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It's necessary on your birthday and Christmas, but actually it's sensible to celebrate every minor achievement with a glass of fizzy morning wine.


8. This is your idea of a perfect night in.

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There is nothing better than reading a good book in the bath with a glass of wine.


9. But, if you're being honest, drinking bath wine by the bottle is more your style.

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10. And even though you know that drinking in the shower dilutes your wine, it's still your favourite part of getting ready for a night out.

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14. You always have spare wine at your house, because you never know when you'll need it.

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If someone doing Dry January comes round, you're going to need to supply your own booze.

15. You know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking alone.

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In fact, it makes you feel pretty grown up.

16. You're particularly partial to a train wine.

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17. And you know there's nothing more glamorous than drinking a lone glass of wine at the airport.

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18. If you're flying on British Airways, you always make sure you get your money's worth.

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You're not ashamed to ask the air stewardesses for multiple mini bottles.


22. You're very passionate about a good boxed wine.

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Which means you know that the best value wine boxes come from Lidl.

23. And although you find the idea of having your own wine cellar very glam, you know you'd drink it all in a week.

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However good your intentions were, you'd never be able to save the good bottles for special occasions.

26. And you're not even scared of getting old, because you cannot wait to become a wine mom.