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21 Things You'll Totally Get If You Grew Up In Chester

"See you at Rosies."

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1. Whenever you tell people where you're from, they ask whether you watch Hollyoaks.

Channel 4

The number of times you have had to explain that although it's set in Chester, it's actually filmed in Liverpool is ridiculous.

2. If you lived outside of Chester, you probably lived somewhere on the number 1 bus route to Wrexham.

If you've been on this bus recently, you'll know that it now has announcements in both English and Welsh and free Wi-Fi, which is very fancy.

4. As a teenager, you thought hanging out on the rows was the coolest way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Life didn't get much better than sitting outside Office, drinking Fruit Boosts, and sharing Millie's Cookies.


5. You're embarrassed to admit that you've queued to get into Jack Wills at some point in your life.

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If you were a ~very cool~ teenager, you might have even made out with someone on the sofas at the back.

6. You know that nothing on this earth is as bad as Race Day in Chester.

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And if you've ever worked in a bar, you'll know that Ladies Day is the worst of the lot.

8. Some of your first memories of being drunk took place in Rosies, before they officially called it Rosies.

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You collected 3-in-a-bed vouchers from Lakota and The Red Lion so you could skip the queue, and then spent all night on the second floor.


9. And you're pretty sure Rosies is the only club on this earth that serves hot dogs on the dance floor.

Welp, my rosies hot dog didn't look to good this morning in the toilet #memorialday

For a while, they moved the stand next to the cloakrooms, but then they decided that the dance floor was its true home.

10. You remember when Cruise opened, and it was massive news that Chester now had two nightclubs.

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The good thing about Cruise was that it was easy to share fake IDs because you could pass them through the smoking area. But the bad thing was that it didn't fry onions and sausage meat indoors.

11. Although you've also spent many a regrettable night at Off The Wall.

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Where you drank Blue WKDs and Cheeky Vimtos, and peeled your arms off the bar when you got up to move away.


15. And every trip to Vue was followed by a meal at Frankie & Benny's or Bella Italia.

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17. If you went out for a fancy dinner with your parents, chances are you'd spot a footballer.

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It was probably Michael Owen because it was always Michael Owen.

19. You've been on school trips to the Grosvenor Museum, Chester Zoo, and assorted farms in the local area.

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The Zoo was obviously the best bit — especially if you got to go after the bat cave was redone.