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    27 Things You'll Remember If You Graduated In 2012

    "Coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine."

    1. Everyone in your halls added you on Facebook before you showed up.

    2. And you soon realised that everyone else had this poster on their wall too.

    Twitter: @DominicNanni

    Along with photographs of their school friends, which eventually ended up on the floor once the Blu-Tack got too old.

    3. In first year, most of your pre-drinking centered around Chatroulette.

    4. And as soon as Spotify stopped being free, you basically just pre-drank to the background noise of adverts.

    It seemed like the longer you listened to music, the more adverts Spotify played.

    5. Every night out ended with you screeching "Mr Brightside" to your mates as the club lights got turned back on.

    Twitter: @mindyoownmusic


    6. Followed by an ever screechier rendition of "Don't Stop Believing".

    7. Every hangover began with you detagging all the unattractive club pictures of you from the night before.

    No one needs to see what you look like after your fifth Jägerbomb.

    8. You survived on a diet of 9p Basics noodles and Basics vodka.

    9. Unless you were feeling really flash. In which case you opted for a bottle of Glen's finest.

    10. You've eaten a fair few Fray Bentos pies and Rustlers burgers in your time.

    11. Even though your faculty had computers, no one used them because you all had your own laptops.

    12. It didn't matter that you slept through all your 9ams, because most of your lecture notes went up online anyway.

    Walt Disney

    Your notes would never have been as good as the lecturer's notes anyway, so there was basically no point in turning up.

    13. You handed in most of your essays by email, but you had one old tutor who always insisted you handed in a printed copy.

    14. Saturday nights were reserved for Take Me Out and Domino's pizza.

    15. You used your NUS card for discounts at Topshop, ASOS, and nothing else.


    Tbh, you're not even sure what else it even did.

    16. In a pre-WhatsApp world, your social life was organised via a series of Facebook group messages.

    17. Talking of Facebook, nothing in this world was funnier than changing your mate's Facebook status if they left their profile logged into your computer.

    18. You remember planking.

    19. And milking.

    20. But as annoying as both of those memes were, they had nothing on everyone's collective dubstep phase.

    21. Or the phase of getting mephedrone delivered to your pigeonhole.

    Warner Bros.

    Which stopped being such a novelty when it became illegal.

    22. You definitely had a friend who was sure they were quoted on your uni's Overheard page.

    23. And another who contributed to its Spotted page.

    24. You literally don't understand how people wrote essays before Wikipedia.

    25. By the time it came to taking exams, you'd forgotten how to write by hand.

    Years of typing up your essays made your handwriting illegible.

    26. You found out who got firsts in their degrees by checking your Facebook timeline for humblebrags.

    MTV /

    "Omg so delighted to say that despite everything that's happened this year, I actually got the highest first in my whole year at university and probably the world!!!1!!! Couldn't have done it all without you guys!!!11!!!"

    27. And even though you've graduated, you know your uni friends will be friends for life.

    Warner Bros.

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