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47 Things You'll Remember If You Grew Up Within 5 Miles Of Wrexham

Deeside ice rink, Gerrards iced buns, and Wrexham Waterworld.

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1. Spending every Friday night at the Deeside Ice Rink disco.

2. Eating at Frankie & Benny's before seeing a film at the Plas Coch Odeon.

Before it got replaced by a DW Sports Store.
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Before it got replaced by a DW Sports Store.

3. Spending hours at Wrexham General because Arriva trains never run on time.

4. All your non-Wrexham friends putting this on your Facebook wall when that guy tried to get on the Holyhead train with a pony.

5. Being forced to dress like this for St David's Day.

6. Smelling delicious cereal from the Kellogg's factory whenever the wind turned.

7. And then smelling hops from the lager brewery when it turned the other way.

8. Queueing to get onto the rapids at Wrexham Waterworld.

9. Filling a shoe box every December for Operation Christmas Child.

10. Wearing kneepads and a helmet, and learning to rollerblade at Wrexham Industrial Estate.


11. Driving to Llangollen to ride the steam train.

12. Going to sporty birthday parties at Plas Madoc Leisure Centre.

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13. And crafty birthday parties at Plassey Craft Centre.

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14. Spending all your pocket money on the arcades at Llandudno Pier.

15. And then eating fish and chips on the beach.

16. And getting the Great Orme Tramway to the top of the moutain.

17. Begging your mum to take you to Wrexham library so you could play Sims 2 on their computers.

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18. Buying your school shoes from the Brantanos in Island Green.

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19. Queueing for hours at Wrexham Council to get your 16-25 bus pass.

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20. And then getting the C56 to Chester as often as you could.

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21. Going on a family day out to the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

22. Getting all your back-to-school supplies from Broughton Park.

And then getting a crepe from the crepe van when you were done.
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And then getting a crepe from the crepe van when you were done.

23. Feeling pretty smug every time Wrexham beat Chester.

24. Getting drunk for the first time at The Tiv in Buckley.

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25. Using your fake ID to get into Liquid and Envy.

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26. And finishing off the night out with a portion of chips and curry sauce.

27. Ordering Chinese from the Sleepy Panda.

28. And celebrating every family birthday at The Lemon Tree.

29. Getting sunburnt in Bellevue Park as soon as the sun came out.

And heading into the bandstand for the shade.

And heading into the bandstand for the shade.

30. Getting pick 'n' mix from the Woolworths in town before it closed down.

31. Going to Theatre Clywd for the Christmas pantomime.

32. And probably checking out The Stiwt Theatre's seasonal offerings too.

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33. Going for picnics in Erdigg Park.

34. Getting annoyed when Eagles Meadow opened and everything on the high street got boarded up.

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35. Heading to the Pant Yr Ochain as soon as the sun came out.

36. Buying earrings like this from the Peoples Market.

37. And pairing them with your TK Maxx fur-lined puffer jacket to complete the look.

38. Stocking up on fake tan and Charlie Red from the TJ Hughes in town.

39. Buying charity wristbands from The Entertainer.

40. Posing for photos underneath the Arc.

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41. Going to your first gig at Central Station.

42. Receiving all your student finance documentation in two languages.

43. Going on school trips to Conwy Castle.

44. Feeling like a scientist whenever you went to Techniquest.

45. Feeling really smug when you realised that all your English friends had to pay for their prescriptions.

46. Getting iced buns from Gerrards.

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47. And feeling really pleased you grew up in Wrexham.