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    21 Things You'll Only Get If You Met Your BFFs At University

    Throwing up in front of each other is a sign you will be friends forever.

    1. You know exactly how to deal with each other when you're drunk.

    2. Because you've put each other to bed more times than you care to count.

    3. Which means you've survived many great hangovers together too.

    4. You have spent hours doing literally nothing together.

    5. And you've also spent days binge watching crappy TV together.

    6. You've probably lived together at some point, which means you know each other's worst habits.

    7. And you've had to make yourself scarce when your BFF has had a ~friend~ staying over.

    8. Because your parents picked you up and dropped you off every term, you know each other's families pretty well.

    9. You've helped each other through endless essay, relationship, and family crises.

    10. In fact, you know each other's relationship histories better than you know your own.

    11. You've witnessed each other's very worst decisions.

    12. Which means you know the most embarrassing stories about each other.

    13. And you love and hate exactly the same people

    14. So best of luck to anyone who breaks either one of your hearts.

    15. You have you club routine down to a T.

    16. But you know that pre-drinks are the best part of any night out.

    17. You have developed an identical sense of humour.

    18. And because you grew up together, nothing is off limits for you guys.

    19. You have so many in-jokes that you can't remember the origins of most of them anymore.

    20. You've corrected each others essays, proof read each other's CVs, and composed texts on each other's behalf many times.

    21. But most importantly, your friendship operates on a no judgement policy.