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19 Things That Happen If You Date A Scientist

No more horoscopes for you.

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1. You will never be allowed to read your horoscope out loud.

And if you do, your S.O. will roll their eyes at you throughout.

2. And you'll stop being superstitious pretty soon.


Which is actually quite a good thing.

3. Your S.O. will start a lot of sentences with the word "actually...", and you will have to remind them that pedantry is not sexy.

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4. And words that you haven't heard since taking your GCSEs, like "glucose", will become a part of your regular vocabulary.

Sometimes your S.O. will even use phrases like "Mrs Nerg" causally.

5. If you start a sentence, "Omg did you know..." they will say "yes".

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But they don't always know! They just think they do.

6. If you live together, you will often wonder why you own things like a periodic table mug or a novelty set of test tubes.

I think I can finally call myself a chemist... #periodictablemug #cheerstochemistry #realtimechem

But the truth is this: Your S.O. doesn't want them either. Other people just love buying scientists novelty gifts.

7. If The Big Bang Theory comes on while you're hanging out together, you'll have to listen to a very extensive speech about its inaccuracies.


This will happen every time it comes on, and the speech's content will never change.

8. And god help you if you ever accidentally watch a scientifically inaccurate film together.

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You must avoid Godzilla at all costs.

9. Sometimes you'll hang out with groups of scientists, and they will talk about things like sodium.

When scientists group together, they love talking about elements.

10. And sometimes your S.O. will say things like, "We should go to the steam train museum lol" and pretend to be joking, when they are actually telling the truth.

But you can tell they are serious.

11. And you'll inevitably get dragged along to a science museum at some point in your life.

You'll actually really enjoy this.

12. They'll have a lot of novelty T-shirts from science fairs they have attended.

13. And the quality of some of their jokes will be below average.

14. But on the plus side, you'll start doing a lot better at pub quizzes.

Turns out, having someone who knows all the noble gasses on your team is kinda useful.

15. And you'll always have someone around to work out why something is broken and then fix it.

Scientists love a challenge.

16. If you ever get irrationally scared of something, your S.O. will be able to tell you exactly why you shouldn't be.

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Having a scientist around is weirdly comforting.

17. Because scientists mix stuff all the time, they are very good cooks.

18. Your S.O. will never make fun of you for being nerdy about something.


19. But most of all, dating a scientist means hanging out with someone who will teach you new and interesting stuff all the time.

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Scientists are secretly the best.